Cumulus Bio in the News

January 14th 2017:
Cumulus Bio and our CEO is featured in Børsen, the prime Danish newspaper for in business news published in Denmark. Anne Sophie relays some of the particulars on running an advanced biofuel startup, and gives advice for other young high-tech entrepreneurs. You can find the article here:

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Executive Board Formalized

November 21st 2016:
Cumulus Bio has now officially formalized our Board of Directors! We are very excited to welcome Claudia S. Mathiasen, Michael Tønnes Jørgensen, Jacob Rosenkrantz and Martin Speiermann in a professional capacity, and look forward to continuing our productive collaboration!

New Logo and Website

November 11th 2016:
Cumulus Bio are excited to launch our brand new logo and website! We would like to extend credit to our super talented interns, Nevena Dobreva Boncheva, Marian de los Angeles Espina, and Eglé Kaunaité for all their dedication and hard work. Let us know what you think of our new look!

Article on Cumulus Bio

The Confederation of Danish Industry just published an article about Cumulus Bio, and our CEO, Anne Sophie. The article is in Danish.
September 30th 2016, Confederation of Danish Industry

Problematikken ved fossil olie, både som knap ressource og som miljøbelastning, er ingen nyhed. Vi vil have grønnere energi og industri, vi vil være et forgangsland, og vi vil have flere gennem uddannelser der kan realisere disse mål.

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We have moved

Cumulus Bio has moved into our new lab and office space at Aalborg University, Section of Sustainable Biotechnology, Department of Chemistry and Bioscience. Our new lab and office space is situated at the innovation district in Copenhagen’s South Harbor area (Copenhagen SV). We are really excited to be working in close collaboration with Aalborg University and Section of Sustainable Biotechnology.
July 1st 2016

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